One Messy Face Fuck

choke on a cock

Brianna would've been a great facefuck if not for her messy ways. Each time she takes a cock in her throat, she always ends up bathed in spit and snot, as if she got drenched in the rain. To make matters worse, she always tops of all of her facefucks with a good cumdrenching,  so she literally is drenched head to toe in warm, sticky liquid! I mean, i love thrusting and ramming her tiny little mouth while she sucks on my hard pecker, but the mess she makes may just make me change my mind. It's so hard to get her spit and snot and cum off my couch after i force my dick way past her throat, but the pleasure she gives me… It's just a hard decision to make. Why don't you help me out and rate her performance at GagTheBitch now?

choke on a cock

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