Secretary Chokes On Boss’s Cock

March 4th, 2010

Got a secretary who just won’t do what you tell her to do? Then take this boss’s advice!

This enraged boss choked the living daylights out of his secretary’s throat using his dick!

This boss was starting to get tired and fed up with his secretary, who always managed to bungle up any order she was given. So one day, he finally snapped, grabbed the sexy secretary by her hair, and made her kneel. Taking out his huge cock, he then forced his full length and girth into the slut’s wet mouth, making her suck it, and since the secretary wouldn’t suck it, the boss then proceeded to ram his cock again and again violently into the slut’s tight throat! Of course, the secretary had to take it as punishment, and tears were making her mascara run – although in reality she enjoyed the face-fuck her boss gave her!

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Bitch Gets Gagged Real Hard

March 1st, 2010

This slut won't be able to speak tomorrow..

Because we ripped her throat with out cocks!

We took this girl to our pad where we gave her nothing but deep and extremely hard face-fucks! She moaned and tried to resist the deep throat-jabbing, but we just gave her a hard bitch-slap every time she tried to resist! So that bitch just knelt down with her eyes closed. Trying to survive the hardcore face-fuck that we provided for her. She may be crying from all the pain, but we really don't give a fuck about that and just kept ramming our cocks deep in her mouth. The only time we ended this hardcore gagging was when we clogged her throat with all our hot creamy jizz!

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Blonde Babe Chokes On Cock!

February 24th, 2010

Blonde babes love sucking dick, but this hot slut’s love for cock is on a whole new level!

Watch this slut take a huge boner in her mouth and choke on it!

This hot blonde wanted to suck her boyfriend’s dick, and so her boyfriend gave in to her incessant pleas! Taking off his pants, the lucky dude fed his huge boner to his girlfriend, which she gladly took in her mouth! However, the slut’s hunger for cock got the best of her, and she ravenously took the dick in her mouth with such force that she practically ended up choking and gagging on the huge dick! Before long, the slut was feasting on warm, sticky cum, a welcome reward to an intense face-fuck!

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Bitch Gags With Chair

February 22nd, 2010

Gagging a bitch can get really old…

but if you add a few twists, then it can be one of the best things you ever do!

Just like what we did to this hot, blonde slut! We took her to our place for a heavy gagging session, but instead of just cramming our dicks in her mouth, we added a few more things to make it more interesting! She clamped her head between a chair and made her gag with our large cock. It was really fun and weird, in some kind of way, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't fun! The chair was moving in all directions and that slut was moaning with every thrust we made. She even spewed out some weird liquid out her mouth, which made her mouth absolutely fun to fuck! Now this is one exciting bitch-gagging video that you wouldn't want to miss!

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Euro Whore Gags On Dick!

February 18th, 2010

Do you want to see this hot European babe get gagged and drenched in cum?

European babes are known for their insatiable hunger for cock and cum, but this babe definitely takes it to a whole new level!

This babe is simply irresistible when it comes to giving head. She gags every time a cock tickles her tonsils and loves every minute of it! This guy can believe how much gagging she can take! He can't control it anymore and unloads all his hot spunk into her throat! Of course, giving a deep-throat blowjob in an outdoor setting only adds to the lust of this horny couple, and as the feeling of getting caught grows within them, the more they try their best to reach orgasm quickly!

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Bitch Gagging Real Bad

February 15th, 2010

This bitch may look like she's in pain..

but she's actually having the time of her life!

Getting her face fucked by Tony has been by far, the most grueling and pleasurable experience Kelly has had! Taking his cock in her mouth and getting it rammed in her throat has often forced her to fall to the ground, which she doesn't like! So to this end, she usually finds a spot that will support her back, and to prevent her from falling over, she grabs on to Tony's mighty legs as she takes a forceful facefuck from him once again!

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Horny Slut Gags On Cock At The Club!

February 10th, 2010

This hot slut was so horny she sucked this dude’s cock at the club!

Watch as this horny slut sucks this lucky fella’s dick and eats his sperm!

This bitch thought she knew everything about giving blowjobs but everything changed when she met this man. Hooking up one hot and heavy night at the club, the slut couldn’t wait till the lucky dude brought her home, so she proposed that she take his cock right then and there at the ladies’ room of the club! However, the slut had no idea that all the dude wanted was to shove his entire ten-inch cock deep into her throat! Watch this sexy slut choke, spit, and drool all over the place as she gags on this man's massive cock and as she gets her tiny throat fucked wide open by his wide cock!

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Bitch Gags In Shop

February 8th, 2010

This slut came to our shop to have her car fixed…

but had her throat jammed with a cock instead!

The sign outside is a lie. We just use it to attract chicks who have no idea on how to fix things so we can jam our dicks into their mouths. And by “jamming cocks in their mouths” we really mean it. We will shove our dicks so deep in their throats, that these bitches usually beg us to stop ripping their throats with our dicks! But does that mean we'll stop? Hell, no! We just give them hard bitch slaps and they just start taking our dicks deeper. Sure, some of these bitches throw up from all the dick-gagging, but that just makes their throats a lot more exciting to fuck!

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